Weir Be Dragons!

April 2012

Written by Cheyney Caddy
Original Music by Tiffanni Walton

Sam and Alice have mail-ordered a dragon. The sleepy town of Midilahnoo Weir will never be the same again.

The school-holidays have come around again. Sam and Alice are being packed off to a town 574km, 54 Minties and five wee-stops away from civilisation. Welcome to Midilahnoo Weir, population 104.

It’s promising to be the most boring summer ever, so Sam and Alice decide to pool their pocket money and mail-order themselves a little bit of excitement.

Now it’s Midilahnoo Weir: Population 104, plus one dragon.

Weir Be Dragons! is a comic romp for kids aged 7-12.

WATCH OUT!! The first three rows will be EATEN!

Produced with the assistance of Yarra Ranges Council and Montrose Town Centre, Weir Be Dragons! starred artists from the Deaf and Hearing communities. Weir Be Dragons! was bilingual, using Australian Sign Language and spoken English, as well as puppetry and animation, to create a show which both Deaf and Hearing children could enjoy together.

Chanelle Sheehan
Jessica Moody
Zoe Enticott
Paola Benitez: Puppetier

Cheyney Caddy: Playwright and Director
Tiffanni Walton: Composer and Musical Director
Debra Hallam: Costume Design
Christie Widiarto: Animation
Jeminah Alli Reidy: Set Design
Dan Goronzsy and Paola Benitez: Puppet Design and Construction

Karen Garaway: Stage Manager
Matt O’Reilly: Assistant Stage Manager
Catherine French: Production Manager
Chris Payne: Lighting and Sound Operation


Show Dates

ChillOut Festival
Saturday 6th of March
Glenlyon Shire Hall
Daylesford-Malmsbury Rd, Glenlyon

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Bendigo Pride Festival
Saturday 13th of March
The Engine Room
58 View St, Bendigo

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