Untouchables: A play of transformation

February 2020

New Australian theatre by Hayley Ricketson
Original score composed by Tiffanni Walton and Jess Keefe
Directed by Cheyney Caddy
Starring Alicia Beckhurst
Production Design by Deb Ferris

Nadine loves food. Nadine also loves Kylie.
That’s why she returns to the strip club where Kylie dances night after night; never touching, never speaking, devouring her silently with her gaze.

Morsel by morsel, Nadine feeds us her story, serving up her secret self.

‘Untouchables’ is a play about being damaged but not broken, about living a life soured by violence but sweetened with hope.

Show Dates

ChillOut Festival
Saturday 6th of March
Glenlyon Shire Hall
Daylesford-Malmsbury Rd, Glenlyon

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Bendigo Pride Festival
Saturday 13th of March
The Engine Room
58 View St, Bendigo

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