The Seagull

January 2016

By Anton Chekhov

Chekhov’s masterpiece. Putin’s Russia.

Directed by Cheyney Caddy
Animations by Christie Widiarto
Original Score by Jess Keeffe

In a feat of radical surgery, Black Apple Theatre has reanimated the savage passions that pump through Chekhov’s classic riff on love and misanthropy to create a rebellious mash-up of theatre, animation and live music.

Transplanted into the suburban badlands of Putin’s Russia, three teenage girls play a dangerous game, in defiance of their parents and the State.

Bloody, irreverent, explosive; Black Apple’s Seagull is a very queer bird indeed.

“stimulating, subversive”The Age

“a terrific adaptation of the script… an enjoyable and engaging version of a classic.”Australian Stage

“quite radical… carried with confidence, charm and wit.”Stage Whispers

Eleanor Howlett
Elliot Gee
Caitlin George
Tom Milton
Sandy Morrison
Rebecca Riggs
Patrick Durnan Silva
Honor Wolff

William Elm: Accordion
Marty Banning: Percussion
Jess Keefe: Cello

Cheyney Caddy: Director
Christie Widiarto: Animator
Jess Keeffe: Composer, Musical Director
Adam ‘Gus’ Powers: Scenic Designer
Emilija Tanner: Costume Designer
Nick Glen: Lighting Designer
Peter Turley: Set Construction
Cora McCormack: Assistant Director
Nick Glen and Josh Bliss: Lighting Operators
Marianne Kirvan: Hair and Makeup

Erin Johnson: www.room3.com.au

Show Dates

ChillOut Festival
Saturday 6th of March
Glenlyon Shire Hall
Daylesford-Malmsbury Rd, Glenlyon

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Bendigo Pride Festival
Saturday 13th of March
The Engine Room
58 View St, Bendigo

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