Songs: A play with music

July and November, 2011

Written by Cheyney Caddy
Original Score by Tiffanni Walton

A not-quite fairy tale about how stories are never just stories and songs are never just songs.

Things have got out of hand. Ruby Red, darling of the Reich, is on trial for writing an opera. The most diabolical opera you could ever imagine.

Her daughter, Little Blue, is not so little anymore. Now the war is over Little Blue wants the truth from Ruby. After all, they’re just songs. Aren’t they?

In an age of political rhetoric, Songs draws on the true story of director Veit Harlan and his infamous Nazi film Jud Süss, to ask questions about the power of stories and the responsibility of people who tell them.

Produced with the assistance of Kingston Arts Centre’s New Blood Programme.

“provocative, intense and deeply intelligent”todadwithlove.wordpress.com

Emily Thomas
Francesca Bianchi

Cheyney Caddy: Playwright and Director
Tiffanni Walton: Composer and Musical Director
Loren Whiffen: Costume Design

Leonie O’Donnell: Vocalist and Percussionist
Jennifer Mills: Cello
Phoebe Lindner: Violin
Tiffanni Walton: Piano

Tom Middlemarch and Jacob Thomas: Lighting Operators
Peter Turley: Set Construction


Show Dates

ChillOut Festival
Saturday 6th of March
Glenlyon Shire Hall
Daylesford-Malmsbury Rd, Glenlyon

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Bendigo Pride Festival
Saturday 13th of March
The Engine Room
58 View St, Bendigo

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